Yve Bardwell

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Yve Bardwell, co-owner, grew up in Montana where spending time in the outdoors was a big part of spending time with her family. This practice became a passion once she left home and began discovering the outdoors for herself.  It has helped inform much of her life. She received a degree in hydrology from the University of Montana and has had the opportunity to center the majority of her work in field science. This has included such things as doing rangeland inventories for the Farm Service Agency, to tracking wolves in the Italian Alps, surveying for Lahontan Cutthroat in the High Sierras, to guiding river trips on the White Cliffs of the Missouri.  She met her husband while working in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and he has been responsible for teaching her the ways of the horse and using them as a means of backcountry travel and a way of life at their home in Choteau. She has been fortunate to follow her dreams as closely as she knows how.  She looks forward to continuing to explore our big backyard and this beautiful state as well as learning from the people, the places, the flora, and the fauna.