Explore the North Fork of the Sun

Trip Details

Trip Date:

08/20/2019 - 08/24/2019

Trip Type:

Stock Supported

Number of Days/Nights:

5 Days - 4 Nights



Distance with Day Hikes:



Price Per Person:





  • North Fork of the Sun River
  • Peak Climbing
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Adventurous day hikes


Our five-day, four-night stock-supported trip into the North Fork of the Sun River combines hearty hikes with plentiful fishing and swimming. The trip’s rhythm combines adventurous hikes with day-long layovers along the river, giving participants the change to relax along the babbling waters of the Sun, cast a fishing line on its pristine waters or journey to Beartop Lookout for view of the entire North Fork Valley.

This is a great trip for the dedicated fisher person or the avid hiker – there’s plenty of both. Nights are spent near the river with ample time to get better acquainted with the waters. This backcountry adventure offers great swimming holes, plenty of day hiking options, and good opportunities to see wildlife.


Please call or email for more details.
(406) 289–0863


Deposits are non-refundable, and the balance is due by May 15th  unless otherwise specified.  The balance is non-refundable after this date.  We do not give refunds for any reason. This includes but is not limited to: route changes due to wildfires, smoke, floods, trail conditions, or unprecedented weather events.  We do not give refunds if personal health inhibits you from participating on a trip.  Because of this, we STRONGLY recommend purchasing trip insurance.  We recommend Global Rescue’s Signature Travel Insurance.

Trip Rating Definitions



  • 5 - 8 mile travel days along river grade trail with some undulating terrain, but no major changes in elevation. All hiking is on maintained trail.


  • 6 – 10 mile travel days with some of those days requiring changes in elevation of 500 – 1200 ft. over several miles. Short portions of route may be off-trail.

Moderately Strenuous

  • 8 – 12+ mile travel days with some days having a combined change in elevation totaling 2,500 feet, or more, over several miles. Off-trail hiking and routing finding with short portions of limited exposure possible.


  • 7 – 12+ mile travel days with regular changes in elevation over a few miles. Frequent off-trail hiking over uneven terrain with areas of exposure and route finding involved. Previous backcountry experience required.

*Please note these descriptions are used for travel days only and are our attempt to provide a rating for the overall trip difficulty. On layover days we will offer optional hiking opportunities that may not be in keeping with the rest of the trip difficulty rating.

Additionally, changes in elevation are meant to represent the days’ starting and ending elevations, but not necessarily the total elevation lost and gained throughout the course of the day. If you have questions or concerns regarding trip difficulty and your abilities please contact us.