About Trips

All you have to do is hike…

Have you dreamed of hiking Montana without the burden of a heavy pack? Dropstone Outfitting is the only outfitter in the 1.5 million acre Bob Marshall Wilderness that caters specifically to guided backcountry foot travel. We offer stock supported hiking trips where all you carry is a small daypack as you explore the peaks and valleys of the Bob Marshall. The trips are accompanied by a small string of pack animals that carry the rest of the gear. Also, we offer backpacking adventures, custom backcountry experiences, and day hiking opportunities. Drop camp services may also be provided.

Because we cater to foot travel, our trips concentrate on what we think makes for exceptional hiking adventures — beautiful vistas, remote locations, distinctive and often rarely used routes, and small group sizes. We focus on traveling with minimum impact to the land — practicing Leave No Trace Ethics — while providing you with good food, good company, and a specific knowledge of the Bob Marshall Wilderness.


We offer a variety of trip options.

Below are descriptions of the types of adventures we offer to make your Bob Marshall experience complete.


Hiking in the Bob Marshall Wilderness through a meadow

Traditional Trips:

Traditional Trips are fully guided hiking adventures with stock support.   A small pack string carries food, personal equipment, and group gear while you enjoy the day’s travel carrying only a daypack. Two guides will accompany guests on a pre-determined route ranging anywhere from 5-10 days depending on the trip, while the packer and string move along to the next camp. Group size is typically limited to 8 – 10 guests. Price includes home cooked meals, snacks, guiding services, stock support, airport shuttle, group gear, logistics, photo sharing coordination, and a map of the route.  Gear rental for tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and backpacks is available.  We travel in pristine locations, so we only bring a small pack string.  For this reason, each guest is limited by weight on the amount of personal gear they can bring. Trip difficulty depends on route. Trip price varies according to location and logistics, but is generally between $250 – $300 per person per day.


Backpacking Trips:

Hiking in the Bob Marshall Wilderness gives a chance to view wildflowers

If you are interested in backpacking, we also offer backpacking trips.  Trip price includes meals, guiding, logistics, airport shuttle, group gear, photo sharing coordination, and a trip map. Gear rental for tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and backpacks is available. Group size limited to 8, and trip difficulty depends on route. Price is $150 per person per day.


Specialty Trips:

Specialty Trips are trips that offer all the opportunities of a traditional guided trip plus a little extra.  Our Natural History Tour of the Rocky Mountain Front or Indigenous use of the Scapegoat Wilderness trips in 2016 are examples of such trips.  We plan to offer one or two specialty trips on a yearly basis. Group size will be limited to 8 -10 guests.  Price varies according to trip.


Custom Trips:

You dream it up, and we help with the rest–this includes backpacking, day hikes, stock-supported trips, and any wild ideas that need some additional support.



We offer very limited drop-camp services. Call for inquiries.  


Gear Rental:

Gear rental is available for tents ($20), sleeping bag w/liner ($20), sleeping pads ($15), hiking poles ($10), and backpacks/daypacks ($25).  The whole package is $75 including a pack or $65 w/o a pack.


To learn more about how we rate our trips, view Trip Rating Definitions.


So. . . What is a dropstone?

Many people ask us how we came up with our business name. A dropstone is a geologic term for a glacial erratic. A glacial erratic is a large, misplaced rock on the landscape. The Rocky Mountain West was once home to several large glaciers. These glaciers pushed far out onto the plains. As they receded, they left behind debris (dropstones) transported from other locations. Along The Front, you will often see large boulders sitting out in the middle of the prairie; this is a dropstone.


Picture of a dropstone of which our hiking company is names after