Backcountry for Beginners

Recently, I was talking to a friend from Los Angeles about Dropstone Outfitting. We were going over what was included in our trips and what level of experience someone would need to go on a trip.  She indicated that many of her friends would be interested in Dropstone trips, but would be hesitant to go because they don’t often recreate in the backcountry.  They were intimidated by the perceived “barrier to entry.”

This was eye opening for me. While we know folks might get a bit nervous about going into the backcountry on a Dropstone trip, I was surprised that not knowing about gear or other outdoor methods would keep them from signing up at all.  This friend would be considered a “millennial” (like me) in her early 30’s and I began to realize that Dropstone trips may be perceived as unwelcoming to a whole group of folks (regardless of age) who may not go on a trip simply because they think they need to have certain outdoor knowledge before going.

This is not the case, and we really enjoy helping people figure out the appropriate gear and teaching them some backcountry basics along the way.

The only 2 requirements for our trips are the following:

1.) An adventurous spirit. You only need to be open to exploring new country, having new experiences, learning new skills and getting a little dirty.  We will guide you through the whole process, so you won’t be roughing it on your own.

2.) Physical fitness for the trip.  Most people who run or walk 5 miles on a fairly regular basis are able to complete our trips without issue.

Getting folks back into the mountains who have never had that experience or thought they wouldn’t be able to do it is the single most rewarding thing we do. We enjoy sharing the wonder, beauty, and grit of the backcountry, and we love teaching others about the ways of the woods.

In the next few months, we will cover some “how to” topics for backcountry travel on our blog including: 

– How to use a layering system when dressing for the outdoors

– What to carry in your day pack

– Setting up your tent: best practices for getting the most out of your shelter

– How to have your period in the woods

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or any other blog topics that might be helpful.

Remember: the backcountry is for everyone!

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