Yve BardwellCo-Owner

    I grew up in Montana where spending time in the outdoors was a big part of spending time with my family. It was the first place I ever really felt like myself and has been a personal foundation for me ever since.

    I attended the University of Montana in Missoula and received a degree in Environmental Studies, focusing on water resources. Throughout college and after graduation I worked a variety of seasonal jobs, usually focused on field science. Before purchasing the business I worked in the Watershed Program at the US Forest Service as a hydrologic technician.

    I met my husband in Choteau and we have two little boys and one weird, old Border Collie. Spending time outside continues to be a priority and we enjoy being able to live in a place with so much access and activities given the different seasons.

    The landscape and everything that that means is like a member of my family. I have enjoyed growing up in this place and becoming more intimate with it as my years and role in life unfolds. I look forward to learning this landscape more dearly and sharing that experience with others.