Circus Creek Guided Archery Hunt

Bowhunt Big Game in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Trip Details

Trip Date:

09/22/2024 - 09/27/2024

Trip Type:

Wilderness Hunting

Number of Days/Nights:

6 Days - 5 Nights



Distance with Day Hikes:



Price Per Person:





  • Wilderness hunting
  • Brow-tined Bull
  • Antlered Mule Dear
  • Fair-chase hunting
  • Base Camp
  • Backcountry hunting


Come join us for a fair chase, fully guided archery hunt on public lands. All you need to do is hunt and explore — leave the rest up to us! Birch Creek is a corridor used by mule deer and elk as they migrate from the interior of the Bob Marshall Wilderness to the Rocky Mountain Front. Open ridgelines provide ideal mule deer habitat, while lush river bottoms and high-elevation basins are perfect places to find elk grazing in small groups. With the rut in full swing, it is an ideal time to hunt bulls as they seek out cows or strive to defend their harems. Here at Dropstone, we believe the hunt is as important as the harvest and that having a true desire to be in the mountains is an important part of the adventure.

Our Circus Creek base camp makes everything more comfy during your wilderness experience, with a large wall tent to gather in when the weather turns and a big wood stove to warm your hands as you drink your first cup of morning coffee. You will stay in a smaller wall tent, complete with cots and a wood stove. We provide all cooking, packing, and guiding services. Guide to client ratio is 1:2 with a max of four hunters in camp.

This is a hiking hunt, so participants must be able to cover 10+ miles a day, over rugged terrain. You will only need to carry a day pack with your hunting kit.

All hunting is in Hunting District 441 – National Forest Lands Only. During bow season you can harvest a Brow-tined Bull, Antlerless Elk, Antlered Buck Mule Deer, or either sex White-tailed Deer. Black Bear tags are also available. At the time of booking, we will go over the licensing process. If you are from out of state, you can apply for a license no later than March 30. See our Hunting Gear List to learn what gear is required for the trip.

Please call or email for more details.
(406) 461-2114 or (406) 403-1902
[email protected]


Deposits are required at booking and are non-refundable. Trip balances are due by May 15 for summer trips and August 1 for fall trips unless otherwise specified. The balances are non-refundable after these due dates. We only give complete refunds in the event that you do not successfully draw a tag. Other than a non-successful draw, we do not give refunds for any reason. This includes but is not limited to: route changes due to wildfires, smoke, floods, trail conditions, a non-harvest hunt, or unprecedented weather events. We do not give refunds if personal health inhibits you from participating on a trip including exposure to an airborne virus or illness. Because of this, we STRONGLY recommend purchasing trip insurance.

Trip Rating Definitions



  • 6 – 10 mile travel days with some of those days requiring changes in elevation of 500 – 1500 ft. over several miles. Short portions of route may be off-trail.

Moderately Difficult

  • 8 – 12+ mile travel days with regular change in elevation totaling 2,500 feet, or more, over several miles. Off-trail hiking and routing finding with short portions of limited exposure possible.


  • 7 – 12+ mile travel days with regular changes in elevation over a few miles. Frequent off-trail hiking over uneven terrain with areas of exposure and route finding may be involved.

*Please note these descriptions are used for travel days only and are our attempt to provide a rating for the overall trip difficulty. On layover days we will offer optional hiking opportunities that may not be in keeping with the rest of the trip difficulty rating.

Additionally, changes in elevation are meant to represent the days’ starting and ending elevations, but not necessarily the total elevation lost and gained throughout the course of the day. If you have questions or concerns regarding trip difficulty and your abilities, please contact us.