Backcountry for Beginners

Recently, I was talking to a friend from Los Angeles about Dropstone Outfitting. We were going over what was included in our trips and what level of experience someone would need to go on a trip. [...]

Welcome to our Circus Creek Camp

Dropstone Outfitting is excited to announce our Circus Creek Camp, where we are offering base camp hiking, hunting and workshops. A newly acquired permit allows us to establish a base camp within [...]

Happy Holidays 2019

Happy Holidays from Maggie and Yve! We are wishing you all a jolly holiday season and a New Year full of adventure, good health and joy. We’ve had a wonderful 2019 – this last season was on the [...]

Mother’s Day Give Away 2019

Here at Dropstone, we love our moms. Over the years, they – along with other incredible women – have supported and inspired us along the way. In fact, some of our fondest memories have been [...]

Getting in Shape for Hiking

As I’m writing this I’m watching the snow slowly melt and summer still seems a long ways off. I’ve been doing what I can to stay fit while juggling the rest of life, but I know now that as the [...]

Snow Geese Migration through Montana

Mid March in north central Montana is most often marked by Chinook Winds, melting snowdrifts and the occasional early Douglasia flower. The most spectacular phenomena of all, though, is the [...]